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Just keep piling it on

April 14, 2009

Josh Beckett was suspended for six games today for the incident involving the Angels the other day. This is effing ridiculous. Like the Red Sox need more problems right now. First off, it is very questionable if Beckett purposely threw at Abreu’s head. The whole situation is messed up. Beckett takes a long time to pitch, Abreu waits too long to call timeout, the ump calls timeout while Beckett is in his windup, and the ball sails above them all like every pitcher is taught to throw when a late timeout is called. The fact that Beckett was mid-throw when timeout was called should clarify why it was a crazy pitch. The guy wasn’t expecting it and probably cocked his arm a bit differently than planned. Now I’m not saying it’s not his fault, but there were three people in the wrong on this one, Beckett, the ump, and Abreu.

And another thing, it’s not like Beckett started fighting or got ejected. That would be the Angels hitting coach – Mickey Hatcher, Torii Hunter and Justin Speier. How many games did they get suspended in total? One. And it was the hitting coach, not a player. If nothing else, Hunter and Speier should get suspended for their role in the incident. Just because the Angels experienced a tragedy last week does not mean that they are immune to repercussions for their actions. I’m fine with Beckett serving his suspension, which as a pitcher will really only be one lost start, but there needs to be some justice in the form of a one game suspension for Hunter and Speier, the ones who tried to pick a fight later in the game and actually got ejected. This is the quote from Torii Hunter:

“I should have dealt with my actions a lot better. You saw me holding a lot of guys back. And then just some words that were said that were just outrageous, you know? And it wasn’t from the Red Sox. And I just lost it.”

So he got in a rage about words that were either said by the fans, the umps, or the Angels themselves. He seems stable.

This is what the Second Base Umpire Joe West said about the incident:

“He took too long delivering the ball, so Abreu called time — which is normal,” second base umpire and crew chief Joe West said. “Did he throw it up and in? Yeah. Do we believe he threw it at Abreu? No. Would we have warned him had both benches not emptied? Probably not. But because both benches emptied, we did issue a warning.”

The fact that the umpires in the middle of the situation didn’t think it was malicious apparently doesn’t mean jack squat. Hell, they said that if the benches didn’t clear (which was started by the Angels), Beckett wouldn’t have even gotten a warning. So, given all of this, six games for Beckett and none for the Angels seems justified.

Bud Selig needs to stop this shitshow of a commissionership and resign already. He’s effing awful.