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Gobbler Country Roundtable: Question 2

April 1, 2009

As CGally mentioned in the previous post, we have been invited by Gobbler Country to discuss questions concerning VT football. Here is the second installment of a (as it stands) 5-part series. Comments/opinions/irrational statements/questions/immature name-calling is encouraged.

2. From Beer Control Offense: “Are you concerned about the lack of depth of quarterback? How many significant snaps do you think VT’s backup quarterback will get?”

The Northerner: Yes, yes I am concerned. Tyrod loves to scramble, and that is always dangerous. We don’t have any depth at QB other than freshmen and a guy named Jeff Beyer (yeah, me either), so I am very concerned at our depth. (Editor’s note: We forgot about Ju-Ju Clayton. How could we forget about Ju-Ju Clayton?! Our sincerest apologies.)

That being said, Tyrod will not get hurt and will take every significant snap possible. Unless, of course, you consider the victory formation a significant snap.

CGally: I did not realize we actually had backup quarterbacks, so my outlook has improved slightly.

I doubt that the lack of depth will affect our season as much as we think. We win with defense. If we do have to use the backup, what will be the worst effect? Our offensive production is cut from 10 points a game to 7 points a game?

I’m just assuming that we’re going to suck on offense anyways.

I’m also going to assume that Tyrod is some sort of uber-athlete and cannot be injured by anything other than pieces of his home planet.

The Northerner: Let’s hope that his home planet isn’t made of 15-year old girls. Lightning can’t strike twice, right? Hey-Oh!

CGally: If it does, we might as well start punting on first down.

And a planet of 15-year-old girls would involve WAY too much Jonas Brothers. I kind of shudder just thinking about it.

The Northerner: Did you realize the eldest Jonas is 21 years old? How creepy must he feel when he goes on stage to play or pretty much anywhere and there are 12-year old girls throwing their underwear at him. You know, unless he likes that kind of thing.

CGally: Chris Hansen follows him 24/7.