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Signing Day Recap

February 6, 2009

Well, somehow signing day has come and gone and we have failed to mention anything here on The NEZ (just made that up, let’s see if it sticks). Anyhow, here is the list of Tech’s commitments:

David Wilson RB 5’11” 190 George Washington H.S. (VA ) RB #5 83 Signed ESPN 150
Logan Thomas ATH 6’6″ 233 Brookville H.S. (VA ) ATH #8 81 Signed ESPN 150
Theron Norman ATH 6’3″ 190 Hermitage H.S. (VA ) ATH #16 80 Signed
Lanford Collins DE 6’4″ 240 Brooke Point H.S. (VA ) DE #20 80 Signed
Cody Journell K 5’11” 175 Giles H.S. (VA ) K #3 79 Signed
Jayron Hosley CB 5’11” 175 Atlantic Community H.S. (FL ) CB #22 79 Signed
Tariq Edwards OLB 6’3″ 215 Marlboro County H.S. (SC ) OLB #27 79 Signed
Antone Exum ATH 6’1″ 198 Deep Run H.S. (VA ) ATH #41 79 Signed
D.J. Coles WR 6’4″ 200 Fork Union Military Academy (VA) PG 78 Signed
Duan Perez-Means TE 6’3″ 220 Hermitage H.S. (VA ) TE #35 77 Signed
Jerrodd Williams CB 6’0″ 185 D. W. Daniel H.S. (SC ) CB #31 77 Signed
Nubian Peak RB 5’11” 185 Pulaski County H.S. (VA ) RB #64 77 Signed
James Hopper CB 5’9″ 179 Seventy-First Senior H.S. (NC ) CB #34 77 Signed
Andrew Miller OG 6’5″ 275 Bassett H.S. (VA ) OG #45 77 Signed
David Wang DT 6’2″ 310 Stone Bridge H.S. (VA ) DT #44 77 Signed
DeAntre Rhodes DT 6’2″ 279 Varina H.S. (VA ) DT #53 76 Signed
Tyrell Edwards ATH 6’4″ 211 Marlboro County H.S. (SC ) ATH #100 76 Signed
Telvion Clark OLB 6’2″ 200 Granby H.S. (VA ) OLB #90 75 Signed
James Gayle DE 6’4″ 220 Bethel H.S. (VA ) 40 Signed
Kory Gough OT 6’6″ 260 Liberty H.S. (VA ) 40 Signed
Tyrel Wilson OLB 6’3″ 215 Hampton H.S. (VA ) 40 Signed

So there you go, straight from ESPN, the list of the guys who will be playing for us the next few years. Overall, I think we got ranked as the #18 recruiting class, which is nothing to sneeze at. Obviously this is no thanks to Stiney, but the number 5 ranked RB in the country may make him look less an incompetent OC and more a rational human being. We hope.

I can’t help but notice that it seems all the recruits are from VA. Now I know we mainly recruit from in-state, but was Beamer all about going out of state to get some players a few years ago? what happened to that? I mean we didn’t even get one recruit from NJ, and we all know how the Dirty Jerz loves coming down to Virginny in droves. Are all these NJ players going to Rutgers? I guess we’ll never know.

On a completely unrelated note:

“Pants optional today, people. It’s f@#kin’ Truck Day!” (from

Baseball is just around the corner.

Oh and John Lester is already in FL for spring training. My God, this kid is a stud. I’m calling it right now, Lester for AL Cy Young 2009. Book it.

(Thanks to for the truck day countdown, etc.)