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ACC Championship Game: So it’s come to this…

December 5, 2008
First off, let us say this:


Seriously, the ACC Championship game. Are you serious?!?! Who cares how we got here!! We made it, and in the process, beat UVA and kept them out of a bowl. What more could anyone ask for in a single Saturday?

There’s not too much to talk about for the Annual Drubbing of UVA. Well, there might be, but we’re too tired/buzzed to go over it.

But we do want to hit one point. The 4th down from the goal line. Here’s how it played out:
Are we going for it? Yes. Awesome, love the call.

Shot gun with Boone? AWESOME. Is this Voldemort’s redeeming moment as Offensive Coordinator?

He’s just going to run the ball up the middle, right……. remote control through the wall.

A MISDIRECTION DRAW PLAY?!?!?!?! There is no amount of anger that can possibly describe our feelings at that moment. The defense is coming full bore towards the backfield. We have an over-powering force getting the ball. He is NOT going to fall backwards at full speed.
But noooooooooooooo. He does a fake hand off, which basically means he is standing perfectly still for 2 seconds while the defense blasts the offensive line.
We often say we don’t know much about the particulars of football. But we KNOW that the play called on this occasion was the dumbest thing in the history of life. Way dumber than Joey.

But we love beating UVA. Love it. Until next time…


So we play BC for the 4th time in 14 months. This is getting to be redundant. They beat us in the regular season. We beat them when it matters.

But seriously, this game is going to be one of the toughest we play all season. The Eagles are hot, and their strength lies in their run defense. Unless you’ve watched no football this year, you know we aren’t going to be passing on them.

Our offense is more predictable than a 27-year-old girl living in Arlington. This game could end up 3-2.

But this is what we live for. Conference Championships. BCS bowls. You know who wins their conference in a down year? Great teams. We assume that’s what we want to be, even if the athletic department seems hell-bent against it.

Its time to roll, kids. Time to get it done when it matters.




Big ups to The Bull for the exact prediction last week. In honor of beating UVA and gettingt he score on the nose, he is a proud recipient of the Commonwealth Cup.

Best picture ever? The cup. The Lunch Pail. At UVA. Best picture ever.

Let’s hit up this week’s completely amatuer picks.

C Gally: 24 – 16 VT, Macho touchdown, Boone rushing touchdown

The Bull: 13 – 7 VT

The Northerner: 17 – 14 VT

Wright: 20 – 17 VT

Lady Wright: 14 – 9 VT

Poppa Gally: 17 – 14 VT, ONE blocked kick (really taking it down a notch)

CMU Football Analyst: 17 – 6 BC (seriously, he’s becoming our new Lee Corso)

The DiP: 23 – 17 VT, Boone scores twice (giggity)

G Way: 24 – 10 VT

Maniak: 17 – 14 VT

B Dubs: 24 – 20 VT

Bobby P: 27 – 13 VT

Our opponent prediction comes from a good buddy, good friend, and total tool bag known only as Riescher: 24 – 21 BC, all defensive scores (except for the FG, obviously)

Good luck to all, and to all a good night.


Not even a question.