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First College Weekend

September 5, 2007
It’s been 9 months since Florida raised that fragile ball. 9 months of Sid the Kid, Bonds, and sweating walking to work. Seriously, how is summer some people’s favorite season? Anyways, the kickoff was celebrated with a trip to Blacksburg. With GameDay in town, it was the most pumped up crowd for a noon game to date. So here’s some thoughts on the weekend.

Hokies vs. ECU

This game was pretty much the sole reason I tried to get season tickets. There’s not much to say about the event that hasn’t been said, but suffice it to say that the 30 minutes prior to the game will be something everyone remembers. “Enter Sandman” never felt so tough and so awesome at the same time.

Despite everyone losing their voices prior to kickoff, the stadium was on fire. The defense looked like we’d expect on the first series.

Unfortunately, the offense looked like we’d expect, too. First play, with one of the top running backs in the nation, is a pass. Not only a pass, but an interception.

The rest of the game was just as mind boggling. Again: Brandon Ore is our running back. Sean Glennon is our quarterback. RUN THE #%&@ BALL!!

I understand our line is shaky at best, so how do you run the ball? You let Ore beat guys one-on-one. Apparently this means dives and draw plays. Stinespring called exactly one play to Ore on the outside. He ran past a guy for 7 yards. Didn’t run outside again. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here.

This whole Stinespring experiment we’ve dealt with needs to end. Our defense can only be so good when they are on the field 75% of the time.

Let’s play “Guess the Opponent”:

Game 1: 31 rushes, 23 passes, 31 minutes of possession
Game 2: 27 rushes, 37 passes, 28 minutes of possession

Can you guess the opponent?

Game 2: vs. ECU Saturday
Game 1: vs. Wake Forest in 2006

We run the ball, we win. As Bud Kilmer said, “You run the ball, you control the clock!” Get the ball in the hands of our athletes. Reverses, fake hand-offs, anything.

The defense looked pretty good, but the best athlete on the field was the ECU quarterback(s). That is the scrambling type of QB we are used to, the kind we need. What are the transfer rules again?

The last part of the game I didn’t understand were the special teams. Did we even try to block a punt? Are we relying on our stellar offense to score if we get the ball at the 50? The biggest play of the game was obviously Macho’s interception. But the biggest part of the play itself was the fact that he got it in the end zone (the North End Zone, mind you). If he hadn’t, we’d be staring 3 points – maybe – right in the face.

Other thoughts on the weekend:

Anyone notice the play clock hit zero for about 2 seconds before ECU snapped the ball on that one play? The girl in front of me sure did.

We have the best defensive names in the country. Check it out:

  • Victor “Macho” Harris
  • Xavier Adibi
  • Vince Hall
  • Kam Chancellor
  • Brandon Flowers
  • Cam Martin
  • Barry Booker

These guys really had no choice but to grow up and play football. And how have we not used the phrase “Dual Cam Defense” yet… oh yeah, I’m a dork.

Michigan, per usual, was overrated. To review, last year, Michigan beat exactly one ranked team. That team: the always overrated Notre Dame team.

Speaking of which, the Notre Dame/Georgia Tech game was the most enjoyable experience of Saturday. Did anyone not like seeing that? Notre Dame scored a point for every quarterback they used.

Oh, and Beano Cook picked ND – 28 GT – 14. He also has a vote in the AP poll.

The “Big House” is overrated. Can we stop calling it that? Albuquerque has a lot of people in it. Not so intimidating.

WVU is good, but won’t be tested by a defense until a bowl game… unless they play Notre Dame in said bowl game.

That’s it for this week. Look for the preview to the huge LSU game in the coming days.

Pittsburgh Penguins Own Your Soul

February 13, 2007
First off, I have to identify the writer of this article. It is I, C Gally. The Dip would like to have nothing to do with this article. (He is infact a Flyers fan. With the pain of this current season, I’ll just leave him be.) I am here to write about the best thing to happen to Pittsburgh sports since Ben Roethlesberger before Peyton Manning: The 2007 Pittsburgh Penguins.

But Corey, isn’t the hockey season 2006-2007?

You are correct. But I am only talking about the 2007 team. Since National Hung Over Day, the Pens are 13-2-3. So what do you make with the 2 and 3? 23, the average age of the starting forwards on the team. (Yeah, that was a stretch, but whatever.)

There isn’t much press about this for 2 reasons. One is that it’s hockey, and ESPN has decided against talking of such things. And two is the big move. Will the Penguins win the Stanley Cup in their last year in the city? More importantly, does that mean the city gets to keep the cup forever? So they have to come up with something new, like the Mike Lang Cup?

So now, at 4th in the Eastern Conference with the least number of games played of the top 8, the Pens are looking good to not only make the playoffs, but to succeed. With either a new stadium or a new town on the horizon, this season could make for the lasting memory of the Civic Arena (eff the Mellon crap). So what do you want? Playoff history? Or the movie Sudden Death