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Vick is going to jail

August 21, 2009


Marcus Vick was sentenced to 20 days in jail on Thursday for violating his probation stemming from a DUI offense, The Viginia Pilot reported.

Vick was found guilty of DUI, eluding police and a traffic infraction in October 2008. He got a 12-month suspended jail term with the conditions he pay a fine, complete an alcohol awareness program and stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Vick tested positive for marijuana at a screening, missed repeated appointments with alcohol counselors, failed to show for urine screenings and had failed to pay his fines until Thursday morning, the Pilot reported.

Vick was taken into custody after the hearing and his lawyer said he will appeal, the Pilot reported.

Oh did you think I meant Michael Vick? Oh no no. I meant his much more mature and responsible younger brother, Marcus. You know, the one who was a douche bag and thought he owned Blacksburg for the two and a half minutes he was there. The one who constantly made headlines, and not the good kind of headlines. What is he doing these days (besides going to jail)? How does he make a living? We know it can’t be Michael giving him free money. He doesn’t have anymore. If anyone has any clue what’s his deal, let us know. I’m very intrigued.

Bye Bye Plaxico

August 20, 2009

So here’s the deal. Plax went to a nightclub in NYC with a handgun in his sweatpants. He then proceeded to shoot himself in the leg. Now he’s going to prison for two years. Game over.

Plax has plead guilty to gun possession, and has agreed to a two year jail sentence. I don’t know how he could have avoided this. Probably because it was impossible to avoid it. You have an unlicensed handgun in New York City? Three years in jail. Period. Because you’re a dumbass and ended up shooting yourself and avoided going to trial, we’ll knock it down to two. However, in my opinion, since the handgun actually went off, he should have been made to go to prison for four years. Just a thought. Not to get political or anything.

But as the twitter feed on the right states, he will be 34 when he gets out of prison and most likely his career is over. So if this does only one thing in the world, it hopefully will be that it severely discourages people from bringing guns into NYC. And then I can take over the City with a BB gun since no one can defend it. MUHAHAHAHA… ah shit, I forgot about the cops. Oh well. Now the City will just be overall safer. Damn.

On the bright side, maybe he can trade that Super Bowl ring for a couple packs of cigarettes or something.