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The Only Hope for a Unified Ireland: Your Pittsburgh Steelers

March 17, 2009

Ok, maybe that’s a little much. But it was announced today that President Obama selected Steelers owner Dan Rooney as the new U.S. Ambassador to Ireland. He will be replacing the McManus brothers from Boondock Saints.

And as the N pointed out to me, this story culminates in the two things that define your humble editor (other than Virginia Tech and his overall awesomeness): being Irish and the Steelers.

Obviously, I am in total support of this. Mr. Rooney has been able to garner unabashed support from one group of sport loving drunks, so why not another?

There is still no word on the rumor that Steely McBeam will be his bodyguard.
What this announcement really tells us is that this is the greatest week ever. Selection Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day, four days of basketball watching and bracket shredding, and now this. (Admittedly, the last really only pertains to Steeler fans.)

So rejoice, and raise a glass tonight to the man who will represent us to the greatest country in the world.