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Back, and Done With

March 21, 2007
After hundreds of letters and emails, we are done with our little hiatus and are back for real. The NCAA Tourney is heating up, even though our team is out. We are still trying to recover from a weekend involving a 13 point comback and St. Patrick’s Day.
So for our first post in a while, we are giving a little shout out to the morning man on Fox Sports Radio, Steve Czaban: I’m So Done With…

Without further adieu…

I’m so done with:

The Next George Mason. What George Mason did does not happen but every 10 years, maybe! There wasn’t going to be another George Mason this year, and (sorry to break your heart) there won’t be one next year or the year after. 2, yes 2 double-digit seeds have EVER made the Final Four.

People that dislike the Cavemen commercials. I can’t even dignify this any further.

The ACC being “overrated”. Out of seven teams in, only one lost to a team seeded two spots lower (seeing how it was Duke, I don’t think many teams in the ACC or their fans were very disappointed). Five others lost either to a higher ranked team or a team one spot lower. Overrated implies they are rated better than they are. Seems to me they were rated just about right on. Now would it be the media that overrates teams? NAWWWW.

Non-green beer. Questions?

Sportscenter: post football season. Hey, let’s show every spring training game instead of those pesky, playoff-deciding NHL games.

Snow. The precipitation, not the singer. He rules.

High school football recruiting. I swear to God, if my friends don’t stop sending me videos of some 18 year old kid scoring a 70-yard touchdown against 15 year old guys that will grow up to be accountants, I will hunt them down.

People who don’t post on their blog for a month. Who do these guys think they are? Their loving public demands more than this. Sometimes, fame just gets to their heads.