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Gobbler Country Rountable Question #4

April 2, 2009

Continuing with the questions we were emailed from a magical question monster, named Gobbler Country, who seemingly is only interested in Virginia Tech football, here is Question Numero 4:

4. What change would you make to college football’s spring football system?

The Northerner: Free beer, unlimited White Castle sliders and chicks in bikinis giving backrubs (or men in banana-hammocks for the ladies).

CGally: Agreed on all points.

Additionally, I think they should pick teams like in gym class. I would love to see Glennon’s face as he was passed over again and again.

And why is this game played during the day? It’s always freaking hot, there’s little tailgating time, and all I want to do is nap afterwards. We can’t even get a night game for a game WHICH WE ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR SCHEDULING.

The Northerner: Good point, a night spring game would provide a lot more time for tailgating, would be a bit cooler in temperature, and would probably attract a larger crowd of spectators which would benefit the freshmen who may have never played in front of a large crowd.

In addition, if there is a larger crowd available, then the organizers could go Medieval Times on the stadium and make one side root only for the maroon team and the other side root for the white team, creating a more fun atmosphere as well as practice the cheering and heckling that is so integral to the regular season games.

CGally: I like the maroon v. white idea. Give the winning side free ice cream or something.
This is clearly the best answer to one of these questions that we’ve come up with.

The Northerner: I’m sure if you gave the local companies some ad space in return for free ice cream, half off an appetizer, free 2-liter soda, free gallon of antifreeze, they would be all over it.

CGally: I do believe an “Anti-freeze! Anti-freeze!” chant would be the highlight of my spring… not sarcastic.