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Hatefest 2009: Why We Hate… Georgia Tech

August 19, 2009

It’s difficult for me to come up with too many reasons as to why we hate Georgia Tech. They aren’t that good, their fans aren’t complete douche turds, and the school is similar to ours. But seeing how they are quickly becoming the only rival in the ACC Coastal, I’m sure we can drum up some animosity.

The Town
Atlanta sucks. I assure you, it is not where the playas play. It’s hot as balls, and they are running short on water. WATER!! Like, the one thing people need. Bear Grylls can find water in the freaking desert. You can’t find it in Atlanta. Therefore, Atlanta sucks worse than the desert.

Also, it’s home to the Thrashers… They’re an NHL team… It’s a hockey league… you know what, forget it.

The School
The fact that no one refers to them as “Gah” Tech still pisses us off to no end.

The Team
As mentioned, the Yellow Jackets have become the biggest rival in the division, and that game in 2006 still stings a good bit (damn you, Calvin Johnson). Johnson also seems to be the only notable football player to emerge from the school. Though, to be fair, Tashard Choice has one of the more awesome names we’ve ever heard.

Ken Whisenhunt also went there. He’s best known for winning the Super Bowl… as Offensive Coordinator of the Steelers.

We could go on about Stephon Marbury, but he was there for a year. He also thought Atlanta sucked.

Gah Tech also 4 National Championships. If you have any friends that went here, you already know this, as it was most likely shoved down your throat at every opportunity. In actuality, they only have one (1990), and that one was shared. If you were born in the 80’s, you don’t get to brag about anything that happened prior to the Civil Rights Movement.

The Fans/Alumni
No personal qualms with the fans. Feel free to leave any hilarious/scary experience you may have had in the comments.

But the alumni?? OOOOOH my.

Cam-freaking-Bonifay is a Yellow Jacket. I will forever despise this man.

Don’t know who he is? Let’s just say he was the General Manager a certain western Pennsylvania baseball team from 1993-2001. That’s right, your Pittsburgh Pirates. How’d we do during that time, by the way??

The fact that he stayed GM for that long is a true testament as to how terrible the entire franchise is run. Who could keep a job year after year when they clearly suck out loud? Who I ask you, WHO??

Also, they count Jimmy Carter and Jeff Foxworthy among their alumni. One tells jokes, the other is a joke. Or both.