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Boston College quarterback seeks school with lower standards

June 2, 2009

It’s not safe to say that the Eagles won’t be any good this year. But losing their only quarterback with any legit playing time is not going to help:

Boston College quarterback Dominique Davis has decided to transfer after he was suspended by the university for academic reasons, the school announced Tuesday.

The move leaves the Eagles without any quarterbacks who have thrown a pass at the Football Bowl Subdivision level. Both Justin Tuggle, a redshirt freshman, and Codi Boek, a junior who transferred last year from American River Junior College after starting his career in 2006 at Idaho State, were competing with Davis for the starting job this spring.

To be fair, American River Junior College is the class of Division VIII football.

There’s no word on where exactly Davis is headed. Probably somewhere like FSU or Ohio State, where you pretty much need to color inside the lines to get in.

But for now, we can sit back and enjoy our biggest Atlantic Division rival* tear themselves apart deciding between two not-very-talented quarterbacks. A tough position to be in that is usually reserved for the Cleveland Browns.

Have fun in the Humanitarian Bowl, ya douches.

*(right? we’re in the Coastal? meh.)

More Un-important BCS news

May 11, 2009
GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Atlantic Coast Conference has added a bowl to its lineup of nine postseason games.

The league said Friday the Mobile, Ala.-based GMAC Bowl will replace the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise, Idaho, in the conference’s postseason lineup.

The GMAC Bowl will have the ninth pick of eligible ACC teams this year, while the EagleBank Bowl in Washington, D.C., which had the final pick last year, moves up to the No. 8 pick of ACC teams.

The ACC champion once again will play in the Orange Bowl unless it is ranked either first or second in the final BCS standings. In that case, it will play in the BCS title game in Pasadena, Calif.

Well, now we have that cleared up. Honestly, I didn’t even know the ACC was part of the Humanitarian Bowl. Learn something new everyday. On another note, how is GM still sponsoring a bowl game? (GMAC is the financing wing). Aren’t they on the verge of collapse and preparing to file for bankruptcy? Is the bowl game considered an asset that they can sell off? If so who would buy the bowl? Would it be (finally) some business related to college? The Trojan Condom Bowl? The Natty Light Bowl? The Ramen Noodle Bowl? I need answers dammit!