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Steroids or Fluid Dynamics?

April 21, 2009

There has been much talk recently about the exodus of baseballs from the confines of Yankee Stadium during games. Yes, by that I am eloquently referring to the massive amount of home runs hit there in this very young season.

Against the Cleveland Indians, over the course of the opening four game series, there were 20 home runs hit. At this pace, there will be 405 home runs hit at Yankee Stadium this season alone. That would average 5 home runs a game.

Fourteen of these 20 were hit to right field, and engineers all over the tri-state area are discussing the possibility that there might be a wind tunnel effect along the right foul line corridor. If this is the case, the Yankees are in serious need of some renovations on the brand-new $1.5 Billion stadium.

On a related note, the Yankees are scared of the Red Sox for realzies. They pulled Wang in favor of Joba for this weekend’s series against the Good Guys. You think they would have done that for any other team? Methinks not.

On yet another note, it looks like I was wrong about the Pirates dropping below .500 yesterday effectively ending their season. Could this be the year they turn it around? Special Pirates Magic Number: 75. Beginning the countdown, now.