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VT Alumni Tailgate for the Alabama Game

August 24, 2009

The Atlanta Chapter of the VT Alumni Association has sent us some interesting information. They are hosting a tailgate prior to the beatdown of the Crimson Tide. Check out the website here where you can buy tickets and get all the necessary info.

This little shindig sounds pretty cool. All you Hokie fans down in the Dirty South should get a move on to go to the tailgate. It’ll be just like your tailgate except better and you won’t have to do any of the clean up or setup work. They’ll have hamburgers and hot dogs, corn hole, and other tailgate games. Oh yeah, and they have the brewskis. Plus they even hooked you up with maps of the MARTA system (that’s the Atlanta public transit system for all of you who aren’t in the know) so that you don’t even have to worry about driving to or from the massive win over Alabama. You can celebrate to your hearts content.

Anyways, hit up the website and if you’re in the Atlanta area (read: within 250 miles of Atlanta) on Sept. 5th then you get you sweet ass to the tailgate and root on the boys in maroon (unless of course Alabama is in Maroon and then root on the boys in whatever color we’re wearing). Just remember, you need to get tickets by August 28th (that’s in 4 days) otherwise you may be shit out of luck.


September 15, 2008
Sig Hansen. Officially on the crab.

He wants a touchdown, and he wants it NOW!

Well, it’s a good thing the game wasn’t any good. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss the excitement…

Through a flurry of text messages and a ceremony that lasted the exact length of half time, your humble editor was sweating more than the groom this past Saturday.

Luckily, I was in church. The perfect place to ask for some Hokie luck.


What a freaking win. No other way to put it.

With the tie-breaker over one of the Division favorites, it feels real good having the Hokies in such a good position so early.

Especially going into such a big game against… we can’t believe we are saying this… North Carolina.


Some thoughts on the game.

First thing you saw? The new threads.

Sweet Jesus these things are ugly. You got a fire place? Throw those uni’s in there.


So it looks like Evans is going to be the guy, which is fine by us. Almost 5 yards a carry? RUN. THE. BALL.

Still, our passing game is pathetically inept. At least we know if we had some talent we’d do better.

Oh yeah. Eddie. So all it would take is a quarterback from Vanderbilt.


No truth to the rumor that our defensive line has been replaced by traffic cones. It was actually a bunch of microphone stands that attempted to stop the run Saturday.

Bud Foster better be praying to the Gods of tackling that these guys straighten up.


The two biggest things that won this game for the Hokies?
Penalties and turnovers.

3 penalties for 15 yards. No turnovers.

You don’t lose many games playing like that (though we sure as hell tried).

Georgia Tech? Bunch of cheaters.


And big ups to Keys. It wasn’t exactly tough, but we’ve seen too many missed missed opportunities go wide left.

But Dustin? You are now known as The Closer until further notice.


Thanks for coming, Yellow Jackets. Let us know next time you have an All-Pro receiver and we’ll see if you can win a game against us.

At least we didn’t beat you wearing your uniforms this year.

Until next season:


Enjoy it, kids. These types of wins might be pretty rare this time around.

Let’s Go HOKIES!!!!!!


Oh, and Northerner? No one cares about the Patriots. In fact, if Boston were to sink into the ocean, the only thing people would miss would be Martin Scorsese movies.