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Jim Calhoun hates hippies

February 23, 2009

The below video is the after-game press conference with UCONN Coach Jim Calhoun from Saturday. Somehow, a guy from the Green Party (feels weird to capitalize that) was able to ask a question. Hilarity ensues:

I don’t speak for all my fellow North End Zoners, mainly because I’m a right-wing anti-hippie free-market-loving kind of guy, but I have to side with Jimmy on this one.

No, he didn’t have to be such a jack ass about it. Even though it added to the hilariousness.

But the fact remains that without him, UCONN becomes immediately mediocre in men’s basketball. He is probably 90% responsible for the fact that they even have a Division I football team.

The university asked him to do his job and get paid a certain salary. He accepted. In a world of big money college basketball, you’re going to rip a guy that is performing in the top 1% of his profession?

At least we know Jim Calhoun shoulders an Eric Cartman sized hatred of hippies.

That said, I hate any college basketball team with any semblance of success right now.