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April 15, 2009

If “Project Runway” ever makes it back onto the air, we might see Heidi Klum with another baby bump. A wardrobe gaffe reveals the supermodel looks to be four months pregnant.

Well that ends it. One kid is one thing, two kids is kinda OK, three is pushing it, but four kids? It’s official, Heidi Klum is a full-blown mom, and therefore she will more than likely will never sleep with me.

You know what this means: She’s off the top four list.

It’s sad to see her go, it really is, and she has big shoes to fill, but I’m sure her replacement will do a good job filling them. Everyone, welcome Bar Rafaeli to the list of the Top 4 Hottest women in the world.

I will now retreat back into my fantasy world where the above rambling is actually possible.