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Things not looking good?

May 5, 2009

Since CGally hasn’t posted anything about this yet we’re going to assume that he is one of three options: 1) Hungover/still drunk to the extreme that he has slept the day away 2) Too depressed by the events that he is avoiding all contact with anything even remotely sports related or 3) Dead.

Hopefully it’s one of the first two.

Many of you may have caught the game between the Capitals and the Penguins last night. It was a barn burner. Sid the Kid gets a hat trick only to be out dueled by Ovechkin (who also got a hat trick) whose team ending up winning by one. This puts the Caps up in the series 2-0, and look ready to shut it down in the next two games if the Pens don’t get off their lazy asses and play like men.

I would never admit this to his ugly face, but I feel bad for CGally and hope the Penguins win this series if only for the two reasons that they would then play Boston in the next round and it would shut all the stupid frontrunning DC fans up until they can start complaining about the Redskins.

So pick it up Pittsburgh! Man up and score some goals. More than the other team. Get. It. Done.