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Who’s more NOW?

August 1, 2007

Summer is always a funny month for SportsCenter. Last year, NFL and BattleBots experts predicted the ENTIRE season for the NFL. This summer, it’s Who’s More NOW? Apparently, the constest is who creates as much off-field buzz on on-field buzz. If this is the case, my vote would be Pacman Jones and Michael Vick, but I don’t think that’s what they mean.

In “honor” of ESPN’s Who’s More NOW? contest, we thought we’d put our own options together. There won’t be a bracket or anything, but we need to do something now that all of our Who’s More NOW brackets got busted.

Who’s more NOW?

  • Mike or Ike?
  • Jeff Reboulet or Xavier Nady?
  • Blades of Steel or NHL ’94?
  • Chriss or Cross?
  • Independent George or Relationship George?
  • Mike O’Malley or Moira Quirk?
  • Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson or Madden ’04 Michael Vick?
  • Bumble Bee Man or Comic Book Guy?
  • Becky “Ice Box” O’Shea or Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez?
  • Alexander the Great or Charlemagne?
  • Guts or Legends of the Hidden Temple?
  • Coco or T-Bone?
  • The Phillies’ Ryan Howard or The Office Ryan Howard?
  • Smurfs or Snorkles?
  • Green Monkeys or Blue Barracudas?
  • Those pandas from that one Nick Jr. show where they eat eucalyptus but you can’t quite remember the name of the show or David the Gnome?
  • Garfield or Heathcliff?
  • Mayor McCheese or Hamburgler
  • Al Sharpton or Jackie Childs
  • Luke Duke or Beauregard “Bo” Duke
  • Voltron or Power Rangers
  • Transformers or Go Bots
  • Mask or Space Ghost
  • Street Fighter II or Mortal Kombat
  • Count Choculitis or Spontaneous Dental Hydroplosion?
  • Buzz Aldrin or Ricky Bobby?

And the winner is… Mike O’Malley. All is right with the world again.