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NIT Schedule

March 16, 2009

Well we got boxed-out of the NCAA Tourney again. Not really a shock. But we did make it into the NIT, which is still cool. (OK, it’s not, but this is what we need to tell ourselves, got it?) Our first game is on Wednesday the 18th at 7PM against Duquesne. And we’re a two-seed!

Normally, I would make some snide comment along the lines of “who the hell is Duquesne?” But alas, I have heard of this school. Appropriately enough, one of my many (haha, sadly no) ex-girlfriends graduated from there, thus giving me new-found reason to want to win in the first round of this pseudo-tournament.

A little background on Duquesne. It is pronounced dook-ayne. Well really doo-kayne, but the first way makes it sound more like the stupid cheating Blue Devils, and the more we hate this opponent, the better. It is located in Pittsburgh. South Side, for all of you Pittsburgh fan(s). Their mascot is the “duke” (clever, we know) and they suck at basically every sport known to man. Their “rec” field is the same field that their football team plays on and you have to walk across it to get to the parking lot from the dorms. Needless to say, they don’t respect their football team (gasp! yes there are schools like this).

Other than that their colors are who cares and their fight song is no one gives a shit. The end.

Soooooo, Let’s go HOKIES!!! Gobble gobble, bitches.