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Annnnd we’re jinxed.

May 15, 2009
I want to go to there.

From Mark Schlabach on ESPN:

5. Virginia Tech Hokies If the Hokies are going to truly emerge as a BCS National Championship contender, quarterback Tyrod Taylor will have to improve his passing skills. He displayed an improved throwing motion during spring practice, which at least gives coach Frank Beamer hope that his offense won’t be so one-dimensional this season. Tailback Darren Evans is as good as any tailback in the ACC, and the offensive line figures to be more athletic than it has been the past couple of seasons. Virginia Tech’s young wide receivers will have to be better after struggling last season. Coordinator Bud Foster’s defenses are always good, but there were questions on the defensive line and in the secondary coming out of spring practice. The ACC figures to be one of the more improved leagues in the country, but the Hokies play most of their difficult league foes at home, including Miami, Boston College, North Carolina and NC State. Tech opens the season against Alabama in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome on Sept. 5 and also plays Nebraska at home on Sept. 19.

Now, I didn’t read anything in that little blurb that would tell me that the Hokies should be pre-ranked number five. I guess IF everything that he said goes according to plan, then yes, we have a chance of doing well. Well, that was before we were pre-ranked by this asshat. Now we’re effed. Fighting Clemson for the GMAC bowl berth.

But going back to the little pre-season bio, the Hokies are always strong on defense, and there should be no reason that changes this year. The offensive line being more athletic is a huge boost to easing my concerns since our offensive line breaks down faster than a 13-year old girl who just got told the Jonas Brothers are gay.

We have tough competition early in our season and if we can make it out of those contests alive, then I think we should be in good shape. Though, our problem as a team is getting overconfident and then not playing at a level above our opponent, so getting out alive could also mean we get blown out by Maryland late in the season.

Well this little discussion with myself just shows how pointless pre-season rankings are because the season still has to be played out and no one can predict the future. Except Miss Cleo.

More Un-important BCS news

May 11, 2009
GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Atlantic Coast Conference has added a bowl to its lineup of nine postseason games.

The league said Friday the Mobile, Ala.-based GMAC Bowl will replace the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise, Idaho, in the conference’s postseason lineup.

The GMAC Bowl will have the ninth pick of eligible ACC teams this year, while the EagleBank Bowl in Washington, D.C., which had the final pick last year, moves up to the No. 8 pick of ACC teams.

The ACC champion once again will play in the Orange Bowl unless it is ranked either first or second in the final BCS standings. In that case, it will play in the BCS title game in Pasadena, Calif.

Well, now we have that cleared up. Honestly, I didn’t even know the ACC was part of the Humanitarian Bowl. Learn something new everyday. On another note, how is GM still sponsoring a bowl game? (GMAC is the financing wing). Aren’t they on the verge of collapse and preparing to file for bankruptcy? Is the bowl game considered an asset that they can sell off? If so who would buy the bowl? Would it be (finally) some business related to college? The Trojan Condom Bowl? The Natty Light Bowl? The Ramen Noodle Bowl? I need answers dammit!