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Hatefest 2009: Why We Hate… Georgia

August 4, 2009
Our final entry for “Big Name Schools We Sometimes Play” is the University of Georgia.


The Team:
We all remember why we hate them: That stupid Peach Chick-fil-a Bowl thing. Up 21-3 at half time. Lose 31-24.

After an interception and a fumble by Glennon on the previous two drives, I looked at my dad and said “At this point, all I want Glennon to do is just not give it to the other team. Is that too much to ask?” Apparently, it was. Snap, drop, pass, pick. Don’t think jinxes don’t exist*.

*To be fair, predicting Glennon to turn the ball over was like saying the next offensive play is going to be a draw. It’s about a 50/50 chance.


The School/Town
With an enrollment of 34,000, Georgia will pretty much let anyone in that can bark.

The most famous thing about the town of Athens is that Jeff Daniels is from there. Harry from Dumb and Dumber was born in your town? Ok, that’s kind of cool actually.


Georgia has exactly one famous alumni: Wayne Knight.

As far as fans go, we’ll let B-Rock take it from here:

I went to a small college near UGA in Georgia, and let me tell you that UGA fans are THE WORST! They think that Athens is the promised land (downtown smells like a urinal) and that the Bulldogs have never lost a game in 100 years. They have either been screwed or cheated or the referees went to Florida. All they do is bark and woof and wear bright red. You can’t have a legit honest football conversation with anyone there. I am so glad that there are no UGA fans down here, but now I have to deal with the sidewalk alumni of University of Miami, and they all like to say “We are the U!” They think that their university is the only university with the letter U in it. Most of them couldn’t even show you where Coral Gables is on a map and now they have to rent a stadium. What a bunch of teabags!

Ok, we got a little off topic there at the end, but well done.

The fans do bark INCESANTLY. My WVU friends complained. Read that again: WVU fans actually complained about UGA fans. Congrats, Dawgs. You have reached a new low.


Tomorrow starts Big East teams. Get ready to lock and load, kiddies.