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We have a winner?

July 28, 2009

For those of you who put money down that Freddy Sanchez would beat out Jack Wilson to get traded, this news comes as a sign that you might be in for a windfall soon. Says Rotoworld:

According to Jeff Fletcher of AOL Fanhouse, the Angels are likely looking at Freddy Sanchez.

Fletcher thinks this could mean that Howie Kendrick could be shipped out in a separate deal. It’s the only way this would make sense considering the contributions they have been getting from Kendrick and Maicer Izturis of late.

Who the Pirates will be getting in turn for Sanchez is still up in the air, but be thankful, Bucs fans, that it probably wont be Howie Kendrick, because that trade would make absolutely no sense for the Pirates. Then again, that might be their angle. An extremely shitty angle, but an angle nonetheless.

UPDATE: As I was posting that last bit of news, this info came through the wire:

Jon Heyman of writes that the Giants’ pursuit of Freddy Sanchez seems “pretty serious.”

According to Heyman, the Pirates are currently scouting the Giants abundant minor league system. The team could use an upgrade from second base options that have combined for an NL-worst .225/.281/.304 line this season.
Now I don’t know if that last line means the Pirates or the Giants have the NL-worst second basemen, but this just adds to the “Sanchez is getting traded” whispers.

Seller’s remorse is settling in

June 5, 2009

According to ESPN, some of the Pirates players are feeling a bit blindsided by the McLouth trade to Hotlanta.

“Wow,” second baseman Freddy Sanchez said Thursday of the trade, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I think the biggest thing was the shock factor. It’s obviously a tough pill to swallow. Our No. 3 hitter just got taken away, the guy who leads our team in home runs and RBIs, and we were 6½ games out. We could still have been right there. I think we still can. But we’re all just kind of wondering right now … wondering what it is.”

Now let’s take a look at this more in-depth. Freddy Sanchez has been with the Pirates since 2004 (just narrowly missing a WS ring with the Sox…aww poor guy), so he should know how the team operates. Sanchez has subconsciously already tagged this season as a loss as noted in the above quote. He tries to save some face but then realizes the only people paying attention to what he says are about three Pittsburgh newspapers, his hometown paper, two Pirates blogs, and us. And all seven of us know the deal. I mean if nothing else he should be like a pig in shit right now realizing that he is going to get moved out of that franchise within the next two months. I mean you don’t get 16 consecutive losing seasons without dumping your best players year in and year out. And right now he is the best player on the Buccos.

Plus, now that McLouth is outtie, Sanchez has taken the reins as the three-holer and will more than likely improve his numbers from here on out. It’s not like the loss of McLouth is going to force them out of contention for the NL pennant, let’s be honest. Sanchez is in a great position as the unquestionable “power hitter” on the team now, and his value should only improve.

Some other reactions from the Pirates:

From Adam LaRoche:

“It’s fine. Heck with it. We’re not the GM. We don’t run the team. If they feel like it’s the best move for three or four years from now, great,” LaRoche said, according to the report. “Unfortunately, that does me no good. I’ve still got to be in here telling guys it’s going to be fine with Nate gone. Well, you can only do that for so long until guys just kind of … well, they know.”

From John Russell:

Manager John Russell, who summoned players into his office to hear them out on Thursday, said the trade should not be taken as a sign the Pirates aren’t serious about winning, (ed. note: Yeah, it should. No one’s buying that shit, so stop selling it.) according to the report, echoing what general manager Neal Huntington and team president Frank Coonelly earlier said about the deal. He also said the team still had a job to do, despite the players’ feelings.

And perhaps the oddest reaction to the trade:

On Thursday, at the clubhouse table where McLouth used to play cards with relievers Sean Burnett and Jesse Chavez, a candle bearing McLouth’s uniform No. 13 was lit, along with a photo of him in uniform, the Post-Gazette reported. “We’ll miss him,” Burnett said.

The more I learn about the Pirates, the more they remind me of Major League. I really, really hope they have a guy named Rick Vaughn in their farm system.