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The NHL playoffs start tonight, be prepared for multiple overtimes

April 15, 2009

Oh Spring, you are such an underrated time of the year for sports. March Madness, the Draft, and most importantly, the NHL playoffs.

You know you look back fondly at the 3 hours of sleep after that 4 overtime game. Sure work sucked the next day, but you got over it. And now you are ready to hit it up all over again.

The Eastern Conference playoffs should be interesting on this here site. The Northerner is apparently a Bruins fan when they get the #1 seed. The DiP is a pretty die hard Flyers fan. And your humble editor is a rather annoying Penguins fan.

Everything gets started tonight at 7. We’ll try to provide some insight, but don’t hold your breath. I haven’t posted in so long that I’m surprised Blogger didn’t cancel my account.

If you are wondering whether I made this post simply to display the picture above, I can honestly say that is 100% accurate.