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Mount Rushmore: Nickelodeon Game Shows

February 25, 2009
For our older readers (mom), you may not get all the references. But to those of you in the right age range, these should be right in the wheel house:
Double Dare

Ah, the classic game show that started it all. You see, it was break-through because kids could get their parents all messy. Kids will pretty much watch anything that invloves dumping slime on their parents, just the same as they’d buy any toy that turned into something.


Nick Arcade

This one is purely out of personal preference. Man, this game was just terrible. But to a 10 year old boy, the mere thought of getting to play IN a video game was enough to get me to watch.

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Does this even need an explanation? This show is one of the greatest television shows in history. This is a fact. It is also a fact that the Green Monkeys were the greatest team in history. Care to challenge that? Bring it. But be careful. The choices are yours and yours alone. Good luck.



Let’s go to Mo’ for the explanation. MO’!!

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