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Manny being greedy

February 27, 2009

Manny Ramirez has decided that $45 million over two years isn’t good enough for him, and he really does deserve the $100 million over four years that he and Scott Boras decided they both deserve.

Now I would like to know what Manny is smoking right now, because I would like to get my hands on it. Obviously there is no market for him outside the Dodgers and maybe the Giants, maybe. Neither one of them has come close to 4 years or $100 million and yet he still is waiting.

At this point, it really has no effect on me, because both teams are in the National League, and they don’t mean anything. But it’s getting annoying hearing about him rejecting offers without even seeming to think about them.

Though, on the other hand, the Dodgers are pansies and made it no secret that they need him to survive, thus giving him a large bargaining chip. In the end they’ll cave and offer him what he wants, he will act like a spoiled child again, they’ll hate him, and he will get traded to the Yankees to finish his career. The end.