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Devastation: Tech Loses to EC-freaking-U, 27 – 22

September 3, 2008

WARNING: This post contains massive levels of outrage mixed with sadness, fear, alcohol, and a little bit of Guitar Hero.

Christ, dude.

That’s really all we have. There are no words.

We get it that the Pirates are better than a cream puff. But for a program with an empty trophy case for a future National Championship, these things cannot happen.


So where did we go wrong?

The way we saw the game, there were four things that caught our attention as to how bad our game time coaching may actually be. Feel free to disagree, but these are the things that made us put an Iron City through the screen.


1. The end of the first half.

With 8 seconds to go on the clock as Glennon goes out of bounds on first down, we felt pretty good. Why wouldn’t we? Knocking on the door of field goal range (not saying it would be close to going in, but it would be worth a shot, of course). Take a quick shot downfield and call a quick timeout.

Hey wait, where’s the offense going? Get back on the field. No… we didn’t.

Timeout, Virginia Tech. That’s their last charged timeout.

Holy. Lord.

We have 40 seconds to get a play in, get to the line, and hike the ball. Now we are forced to go to the sideline, and we all know Glennon isn’t exactly Elway-esque.

Beamer is officially the Joe Gibbs of college football.


2. I’ll take some defense, hold the blitz.

Hey, what’s the best way to neutralize a situation in which you best secondary player is out with an injury? Let’s give the quarterback more time.

We counted 2 plays in which Tech rushed more than the four down linemen. Those two plays wound up with crappy throws by ECU. The other plays? Well, completing 19 of 23 passes should pretty much tell the tale.

When did this happen? Are we really that bad on defense that we can’t pressure any more? This is frighteningly similar to 2003 season. Does the name Heath Miller remind anyone of something?


3. Running outside is no longer available in Bud Light

This one is pretty straight forward, and we certainly didn’t keep numbers on it. But it certainly seemed like Kenny Lewis was much, much faster than almost everyone on the ECU defense.

Yet we run up the middle. It seemed to us that most of our runs outside (especially to the strong side) provided much more productivity.

Again, no numbers, just sayin’.


4. The Virginia Tech “Drive” that started with 10:18 to go in the 4th.

Ok, at this point we are freaking out. Yes, we know we’re up by 9 right now, but we have zero confidence in anything going on in the coach’s heads. If you’re sure we’re going to win this game, you are on a different planet.

We get a good run from Kenny Lewis (on the outside, by the way), and run it twice more for the first down.

We then proceed to pass the ball three times. One to the sideline, two incomplete.

Plays: 7

Time of possession: 2:37

Conservatively, we run off over two extra minutes by running. And with a two score lead, it would certainly behoove Beamer to start thinking about the time.

Had we run off two more minutes, ECU gets the ball back with 5:41 left.

But more importantly, after we go into Boston College defense, the Pirates would have scored a touchdown with only 1:36 remaining. An onside kick on its way, and a much better chance at a Hokie victory.

And after the most pointless blocked kick in history (the touchdown was all but automatic for ECU offense), we once again put Glennon in a terrible position: having to win the game for us.



Clearly, we need a revamp of coaching. Whoever is making these decisions has to be taken out of the role.

We don’t know who should be put in what position, but the status quo is clearly not the answer. The CEO of my company doesn’t know how to do my job, but he can sure as hell tell when I’m not performing. And our coaches are not performing.

Phew, that felt better. Furman is up next. We’ll let you know what our possible future is coming up.

Optimus Prime is crying tears of All Spark.