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Game #27: at Clemson

February 25, 2009
UVA game was a must-win. We lost.

FSU was a must-win. We lost.

Now seriously. This is it. No more chances. We have now put ourselves in must-win situations against ranked teams. Just GREAT.

We don’t know what the answer is. We don’t think anyone knows what the answer is. So we have to go to a higher power.

How can we reach said higher power?

You guessed it.

The patron saint of basketball.
Saint Christopher

The crack squad at Wikipedia tells us that, “Christopher was a Canaanite 12 cubits (18 ft) tall and with a fearsome face.” 18 feet tall?? Can we get him to play for us?

It also states the following about his work in the city of Lucia, “Brought before the local king, he refused to sacrifice to the pagan gods. The king tried to win him by riches and by sending two beautiful women to tempt him. Christopher converted the women to Christianity.” Now if that doesn’t define badass, we’re not quite sure what does.

He is also the patron saint of bachelors, surfers, and boatmen. So if he’s good enough for Sig Hansen, he’s good enough for us.

Bring it, Clemson. 18 foot tall Saint Chris is playing center.