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Kirk Herbstreit is dead to me

August 31, 2009

Herbstreit just put out his “Herbies” for 2009. He was one of the more tolerated ones on College Game Day. No more. Chris Fowler, you’re the last man standing.

To recap what Kirk did to be banished from my good graces forever include:

  • Only including Sergio Render and Jason Worilds as top players from Tech (could be agreeable but not anymore)
  • leaving out all other players in each specific spot
  • Not mentioning Bud Foster as a “head coach in waiting” (even though he could outcoach your frosted tip ass)
  • Not including a VT player in the “what a college team should look like” roster
  • He picked FSU to win the Atlantic and Georgia Tech to win the Coastal and then Ga Tech to win the ACC CG. No mention of us. None. It’s like precedent doesn’t count for anything anymore.
  • And making a list of the top student sections without The North End Zone. His top 10 student sections were made up almost entirely (save for Oregon and Notre Dame) Big 10 and SEC schools.

The Big 10 was good, once. But come on. These aren’t the days of Linebacker U, Woody Hayes and Joe Paterno anymore. Wait scratch that last one. The Big 10 has been surpassed by other conferences in almost every facet of the game, so just let go. Just let go.

At least he only had the balls to include Ohio State four times.

On another note, Colin Cowherd, Rece Davis, Bruce Feldman and Pat Forde have moved to my “I have no problem with you” list for unanimously picking VT as the Coastal and ACC champ. And we, of course, know that when these four men pick something to happen, it WILL happen.