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Game #30: Criminoles

March 6, 2009
(We’re not sure if the rap sheet on the basketball team is as long as the football team, but we’ll stick with the nickname anyways.)

Welcome to Must-win Central.

We’ve reached the last regular season game of the year. It doesn’t have the same feeling as the last game of the football season, as we know there are at least 2 more left to go. But still, it means we’re that much closer to not having an excuse to drink on a Wednesday.

And we couldn’t be more squarely on the bubble. Blah blah must-win blah blah. We know it. The team knows it. Weaver doesn’t know we have a basketball team.

Things we know about the Florida State basketball team:
-They beat us earlier this season.
-They are not the football team.

So that’s pretty much it. We also know that they are a good team, but beatable.

The North End Zone. You can’t complain about our analysis, because we don’t offer any.

We also know that, even though they aren’t the football team, we still hate them. Is Bobby Bowden still associated with the school? Then yeah, we still hate them

Oh, and that chop? Sweet lord. That shit needs to go the way of “WHAAAZZZZUP!!!” Just arrest anyone that does it. We doubt the rest of the country would be upset.

But if anyone needs to relive any fond memories, this video should suffice. A little grainy, but enjoy:


So now this turns into the biggest game all year. Per the Northerner’s request, we need to rock out another big time hero. Someone that has defeated aliens as well as Cincinnati.

You guessed it.

Captain Steven Hiller

Kick the tires and light the fires.
Good hunting.


Note: This time, I will not forget to note that Independence Day is one of the top 5 movies ever made. Not an opinion. Fact.