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TV Theme Song Madness: 2nd Round

March 26, 2009

The final votes have been tallied. I hope you chalked the first round in your TV Theme office bracket, because there weren’t too many upsets.

(Vote for the 2nd round here.)

Norm Region

In the Norm Region, #11 seeded Simpsons took down the #6 seeded Dukes of Hazard in quite a shootout. The Flintstones and Duck Tales flexed their collective caveman and duck muscles, utterly destroying their competition.

Relaxin’ All Cool Region
The buzzkill that is Uncle Phil couldn’t derail The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Friends was able to garner 3 votes. 3!! Apparently, we are decidedly NOT a sports blog for the ladies…
Another 11 over 6 upset, as dark horse Chip ‘n Dale takes out the Smurfs. Smurf-tacular.

Bayside Region
The biggest upset of the tournament saw #14 South Park take down #3 McGuyver. When reached for comment, McGuyver simply screamed, “Craaaaaaaaaaaaaig!!”

Gumshoe Region
Darkwing Duck absolutely ROLLED over Mission Impossible, setting up a very big game against Carmen Sandiego. And my dark horse Walker was taken out by the lovely Alicia Lambert and Step by Step. Tiny Toons and the Muppet Show had strong showings, and either could make a run to the Final Four.
Here are the matchups for the 2nd Round:
Norm Region
#1 Cheers vs. #8 Andy Griffith
#4 Beverly Hillbillies vs. #5 Ghostbusters
#3 Duck Tales vs. #11 Simpsons
#2 Flintstones vs. #7 Family Guy

Relaxin’ All Cool Region
#1 Fresh Prince of Bel Air vs. #8 Sesame Street
#4 Brady Bunch vs. #5 Scooby Doo
#3 Happy Days vs. #11 Chip ‘n Dale
#2 Green Acresvs. #10 Inspector Gadget

Bayside Region
#1 Saved by the Bell vs. #9 Batman
#4 Fraggle Rock vs. #5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
#6 The Jeffersons vs. #14 South Park
#2 Gilligan’s Island vs. #7 MASH

Gumshoe Region
#1 Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego vs. #9 Darkwing Duck
#4 Wonder Years vs. #5 The Muppet Show

#3 Salute Your Shorts vs. #6 Tiny Toons
#2 The A Team vs. #10 Step by Step
Some pretty huge games all around. Vote here. Voting closes at midnight on Tuesday.
Good luck to all participants.