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Biggest Cinderella Ever?

April 7, 2009

The Frozen Four is in a few days (that’s the Final Four for college hockey) and there is an interesting team included among BU, Vermont, and Miami (OH). This school is called Bemidji State University. Here are some fun facts about BSU:

1. They are the Beavers.
2. They are a Division II team in all sports bu men’s and women’s hockey.
3. They were started in 1919.
4. There are 4,463 undergrads.

This is their fight song:

Go Bemidji Beavers,
Go you Green and White.
Go Bemidji Beavers,
Fight with all your might.

We are here to cheer you.
We are out to bring you fame.
So go Bemidji Beavers,
Fight and win this game.

B-E-M-I-D-J-I Bemidji, Bemidji, Go BEAVERS!!

Now the question, and the main point of the post, is: are the Bemidji State Beavers the most Cinderella-ist of any Cinderella? I mean have you ever heard of them? I haven’t. They’re not a big school, they were seeded as low as possible in their region, they beat big name schools to get where they are, and they are from some BFE town in Minnesota.

All signs point to biggest Cinderella ever, right? Well, if you take a look at the wikipedia page on the college hockey tournament for Division II, Bemidji State kicked ass and took names. They are a proven talent, if only in DII. So this begs the question again, are they the Biggest Cinderella ever? Are they bigger than George Mason in 2005-2006? Can a kick-ass DII team move up to DI, have similar success and be considered a major Cinderella, or do they just qualify as an up-and-coming team who needed to get their sea legs?

I’d like to hear some arguments for either side in the comment section.