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Weekend Recap

April 6, 2009

This weekend brought out the first real sign that spring was coming, in that the weather was warm, the ground was drying and the trees were starting to bud. Then that day ended and here we are in the cold, windy, rainy present, waiting for this shit to end. Let’s get to the recap.

1. Michigan State upended UConn to make it to the Championship game tonight. It was a close game up until UConn decided they were tired and wanted to go home. Too bad that happened halfway through the second half. Rumors are that this may have been Calhoun’s last game. I mean he only beat cancer thrice, looks thin and malnourished, and missed the first round of the tournament while he was laid up in the hospital.

2. Villanova left a nice big steamer on the court while UNC beat them up. The only thing I have to say about this (and the other game) is that all the people who were saying the Big East is the best conference in college basketball can suck a fat one, because you may have had two teams in the Final Four, but they both got EMBARASSED by their opponents. It isn’t quantity, it’s quality. Our loss by two points to UNC feels a helluva lot better now that they’re going to win the National Championship. I wonder if Villanova feels the same way.

3. Louisville beat Oklahoma in the final seconds of the first game of the Women’s Final Four. I wouldn’t be discussing this, you know because it’s women’s basketball, if it weren’t for the dumbass Courtney Paris, who guaranteed a National Championship or she would pay her scholarship back. Now she owes the University of Oklahoma $64,000, just like every other non-athlete at OU. And pretty much everyone else who went to college in America. Boo hoo.

4. Baseball’s here! Opening night was last night, and the Braves beat the defending WS champs , the Phillies. Derek Lowe looked great and Brett Myers looked effing awful. He gave up three home runs in the first two innings. What a way to start the year, buddy! The Braves’ closer almost blew it for them by allowing a run and then having the tying run come up to the plate, but he somehow got out of it and got the W for Lowe, which helps out my fantasy team. Red Sox play the Drays today at 2. GO SOX!

5. At the risk of having too much college basketball in this post, Blake Griffin won the Naismith Award for being the best college basketball player this year. Kinda sucks Hansbrough didn’t win, because he really was the best, spent four year at his respective school, and will more than likely win the National Championship tonight, but giving it to a sophomore who will leave his school after this year for the draft and couldn’t get his team past the Elite 8, while getting beat by UNC and Hansbrough himself seems justified, too.

6. Carrie Underwood won Entertainer of the Year last night at the Academy of Country Music Awards. I know this isn’t sports related, but she is real hot. As in the hottest woman in the world. There is no debating that. It’s a fact. She’s really the only redeeming thing about American Idol.

UPDATE: Katherine McPhee is also redeeming for American Idol. She’s hot too.

I’m just going to stare at her picture for awhile. Here’s a few more just for fun.