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Alex Ovechkin, prepare to bleed. A lot.

April 20, 2009

NEW YORK — The New York Rangers had an interested observer sitting on the visitor’s bench as they took the ice for their pregame skate Monday morning. Washington Capitals winger Alex Ovechkin was watching the Rangers practice when a Rangers trainer complained to the Capitals.

Washington PR man Nate Ewell then asked Ovechkin to leave the area. “Alex was just looking for a place to relax. He likes being by the ice,” said Ewell. “As soon as he found out it made the Rangers uncomfortable, he left.”

When asked why the Rangers wanted him to leave, Ovechkin joked: “Because they’re afraid of me.”

When asked why he did it, Ovechkin joked that he sat there to “tick off” Rangers coach John Tortorella. His answer drew many laughs from reporters.

The Capitals will need a lot of band-aids.