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VT vs. The Trust Funds (part 1)

September 27, 2007

It’s that time of year again. The leaves will soon be turning. The games won’t be terribly hot. And ACC Conference play commences for the Hokies. This is the time. We have one goal: get to the ACC Championship game. Here’s where we start the run.

This year has all the markings of the 2004 Sugar Bowl season. The team looks solid but not spectacular. We have a lot of tough games, but all of which we should win. It won’t be a pretty season, but it can be rewarding. But it all starts with UNC.

Predictions (all VT victories, of course)

Gally: 27 – 10
DiP: 31 – 13*
BBull: 35 – 10
Steve: 27 – 13
Tim (I’m not calling him the Rocket Scientist anymore. I can do a lot of things better than him, and I like using the phrase “It’s not rocket science”.): 28 – 13
Dan: 23 – 10
Bdubs: 39 – 7**
Lady Gally: 24 – 3
Lady Steve: Locked in his closet, not available for comment.

*DiP also went out on a limb this week, saying that Purdue will beat Notre Dame. While I didn’t asterisk it, I also predict that LSU will beat Tulane. Everyone’s getting gutzy.

**Barry wrote a ridiculously long prediction. Suffice it to say that we will kick ass after early struggles. If he is exactly right, I will put up what he said. I just think it’s time for someone to get a real job.

Other predictions on the upcoming weekend:

WVU will handily beat USF. With the USF win over Auburn looking less and less impressive (Auburn is about to drop to 2-3 overall), consider me on the Don’t-Believe-in-USF Bandwagon. Actually, I’m pretty sure that I am the bandwagon.

Michigan will handily beat Northwestern. I think Appy is just pretty good. Well, their QB, anyways. Why is he not getting any Heisman press? In what seems like a down year, I’m surprised he hasn’t made at least some noise. I don’t think he’d even come close, but does everyone remember Steve McNair being invited to New York? By far the greatest athlete from Alcorn State.

Alabama will take down Florida State.

Virginia and Pitt will go to overtime in the “Worst Coaches Ever Bowl”. Twenty-three people will be glued to their tv sets.

So that’s it for this week. My favorite thing to happen since last game was the OSU rant. The rant was amazing, but the best part has been the reaction. Almost 95% of people think that it was awesome. You know who doesn’t think it was great? Newspaper writers. Big shocker there. How else can you make money other than ripping apart teenagers, telling them they’re soft. Seriously, there’s no need for writers to talk about that. That job goes to Maryland fans.

(And, as the coach said, “If you’re going to criticize someone, criticize me.” Students are thus justified for the Facebook group: Fire Bryan Stinespring)