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A Happy Halftime

September 24, 2007

Yes, I know it was William and Mary. I know they are I-AA. But it took until the 4th game of the season until I was not pissed of at halftime of a Tech game. Here’s the past halftime scores:

VT 10 – ECU 7
VT 0 – LSU 24
VT 7 – Ohio 7
VT 41 – W&M 3

So yes, I was happy. Happy that there was nothing to be mad about… well, nothing to be VERY mad about. Playcalling inside the 20 is abismal. Not Redskins-playcalling abismal, but it was bad. Seriously, 2 field goals to start out? We finally scored a touchdown from a bad snap that gave us the ball at the 5 yard line.

My other super-pissed off moment came when the fumble was challenged in the 3rd quarter. I don’t care that the call was reversed. I care that it took 10 freaking minutes to figure it out. It was 90 degrees out. As it was, our seats were in the metal bleacher North End Zone (naturally). Not fun.

So now we have conference play. With the spanking by LSU, any talk of a National Title went out the window (thank God). With the losses Georgia Tech has accumulated, we are set up prime to win our Division. That is all we can ask for at this moment. Win whatever our Division is (no one can remember) and get to the championship game that 50 people will attend.

It won’t be easy, but its time for us to step up and win this conference again. We need to win when we are supposed to, and now’s the time. 8 conference games in a row. Make it happen Cap’n.

Other notes

Tyrod is awesome. Explain to me again why he hasn’t started since the beginning? I mean, we had to know our o-line was bad. I’m going to start using the acronym “IFLITCP” (I feel like I’m taking crazy pills). When you deal with the offensive genius that is Stinespring, you tend to use that phrase a lot.

Bumarooski is still the greatest game of all time. There will be a post about the game to come, but it’s a poor-man’s horseshoes with funny terms.

Run the ball outside one time for me. Why oh why do we count on our line to block. We can’t block William and Mary to get a decent run up the middle. Give Ore room to run on the outside and have him try to beat someone one-on-one.
I-AA opponent and “Sandman” was GREAT. I love football.