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The Bubble Burst

March 23, 2007
Remember late February? The word “bubble” was thrown around ESPN more than “T.O.” or “Arena Football”. All the hype as to who was in and who was out of some sort of big dance with Billy Packer.

So how did these hyped-up bubble teams finally fare? You can say it with me: Not too good.

Let’s assume a bubble team means all at-large bids seeded 9 or lower (or higher in numbers, for those who can’t keep up). Here’s the final bubble teams that punched a ticket to the big dance:

9 seeds

  • Michigan State
  • Purdue
  • Villanova
  • Xavier

10 seeds

  • Creighton
  • Georgia Tech
  • Texas Tech

11 seeds

  • Stanford

12 seeds

  • Arkansas
  • Illinois
  • Old Dominion

So what happened? Out of that group of 11 teams, exactly 3 won a single game. Those 3 were all 9 seeds (Michigan State, Purdue, Xavier), and all 3 lost in the next round. The other 8 lost in the first round, and some lost handily.

As this happens every year, the “Bubble Talk” is becoming much like the Pro Bowl selections. People whine about it for 2 days, then forget that its a game while they mourn the end of football season.

In the case of the NCAA’s, people just don’t care that much when there’s too much good basketball to gorge on.