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How Will the Hokies Finish?

November 7, 2007

Everyone fully recovered from the BC loss? After the huge win over GT, the team made it known they were and that there would be no late season meltdown the Hokies have accustomed themselves to over the past decade. So, how do the Hokies finish?

Next up: FSU – For whatever reason, fans keep bringing up the fact we haven’t beaten Bowden’s Noles in over 30 years. What they forget is that we haven’t played them every year for the past 30 years; just three times, all of which were played outside of Lane Stadium. This game means a lot, no doubt, but it wouldn’t hurt to lose it – Ws over Miami and UVA in following weeks would be enough to get us to the ACC title game. That being said, FSU has plenty of playmakers and Weatherford has already shown that when he gets hot, it can be trouble for opposing teams. Regardless, if the Hokies of GT can show up this week, it will be good night Seminoles. Protection of the QB, Pass rush, and Protection of the football will win us the game. Let’s see if Stiney is given full control of the offense again this week. Last week, Beamer gave him full control (something he has never had) and look what happened. Let’s see if there is a repeat. VT – 23, FSU – 10

On deck: Miami – Let’s get it straight. This team looks AWFUL. It really wouldn’t surprise me to see the Canes lose to BooVA this weekend in the last game ever at the Orange Bowl. You think they regret firing Coker yet? Bottom line: Vince Hall will be back against these guys and it will be this awesome group of seniors’ last game in Lane Stadium and there is no scenario where they should lose. Miami is lost and they will be no closer to being found when they make the trip to Blacksburg. VT – 24, UM – 7

In the hole: Virginia – OK, so this game is getting bigger by the weekend and by the time the Hokies visit Charlottesville, the Coastal Division may be up for grabs. Don’t get me wrong, UVA has gotten as many breaks as one could possibly get with out thinking the refs are throwing the games, but this game might actually be worth something. I wonder how Al Groh was able to get the college football gods on his side like this? Prediction: The Hokies are too fast and will already be on a roll having crushed the state of Florida 47-17. By this time, the OLine should be at least steady and the defense will be at its peak while Tyrod is finally feeling what it’s like to decimate the fragile, wine and cheese eating Hoos. While the Hokies cruise into the ACC title, the Hoos are left wondering what they should pack for Boise. Coat and ties get crushed, but by then Groh’s job is at least safe for another five years! VT – 35, Pansies – 10