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The North End Zone Bracket Challenge: Update

April 3, 2009
With the close of the college basketball season fast approaching, let’s take a look at the ‘Ol North End Zone Tournament Challenge.

Your leaders at the moment are Lupe and Maniak. However, running the scenario generator, there is no possible way for either of them to win.

Avid reader A. Young is a close 3rd, but has the most possible points left. UNC or Villanova over UCONN in the final will give him the win.

Dave Neil 4 Eva is sitting in 4th, UNC or Villanova over Michigan State in the final will lock up the win for our Terp douche-bag friend. The Spartans over UNC will also give him the victory.

Rounding out the top 5 is Stlshrk. Unfortunately, the Shark has Louisville over Pitt in the finals, so he’ll be remaining at 87 points.

A UCONN Championship gives the crown to ACC Fan, now tied in 6th place.

And a Michigan State over Villanova result will give that powerhour to the one-time last place, now 3rd to last place Frake-nasty. Yeah Frakes, you read that right. Stop boycotting March Madness.

And down at the bottom is Triple Threat, with a reasonable final four of Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Louisville, and Memphis. Try to take solace in the fact that at least 10 others will lose to the girl that forgot to pick a champion and the guy living in a hut in Africa. For last place, you can ask the Northerner for a copy of his nubbins powerhour.

And just like in the football predictions, your humble editor will not win. Good luck to all participants.


On a much sadder note, A. Young has “won” the NIT bracket challege. His prize is that he gets to keep the Irish powerhour I left in his car on St. Patrick’s Day.

He correctly picked Penn State as the winner, which is pretty incredible if you think about it for a second, which we won’t.