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Rutgers must not have a good economics program

March 4, 2009

NJ.comRutgers University collected $1.2 million for its trip to the Bowl last December. But by the time expenses were paid and the coaching staff given its performance bonuses, the school lost more than $184,000, according to reports filed with the NCAA.

While the football team’s expenses were more than covered through the Big East Conference — which pools playoff money — the university spent more than $200,000 to send faculty, staff and 187 members of the band and cheerleader squads to the game.

Haha, so let me get this straight. Rutgers accepted the bid to the Bowl, win it, and have to pay for the honor. That sucks.

This just shows how stupid it is to have all of these crappy bowls strung out across December and January. I mean the bowl isn’t even the PapaJohn Bowl. It’s named after the website. That’s like a slap in the face. Here’s a list of some of the bowls from this past year. You tell me what the company that sponsored them does:

  1. MajicJack St. Petersburg Bowl
  2. R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
  3. Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl
  4. Insight Bowl
  5. GMAC Bowl

Plus this doesn’t include the bowls where you could take a good guess at what they do, but seriously, come on:

  1. Eagle Bank Bowl
  2. Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl
  3. San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl
  4. Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl
  5. Valero Alamo Bowl

There are so many bowls that they have to take teams who are not even heard of during the season to play. I understand that it gives us football to watch and it’s not hurting anyone, but there is no reason that if you finish the season at .501 you are essentially guaranteed a bowl berth. You should not be rewarded for having a mediocre season.

Anyways, back to Rutgers. They’re in New Jersey. They deserved to lose money.