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Breaking news: College football playoffs could hurt bowl games

May 1, 2009

It’s a proud day for the ACC when our Commissioner, John Swofford, testifies before Congress saying that institution of a playoff would “put the 29 games that are not part of the BCS in peril.”

No. Shit. But let’s be honest here, who the hell cares about the other bowl games except the teams playing in them? When everyone is watching the 8-team playoff to see who is going to be the official champion of the college football world, it is assumed that the numbers watching the other games will drop off.

In my opinion, this would be a good thing. If you want to take a look at it, having all those bowl games ruins the integrity of the other bowl games. The fact that a team that is basically playing .500 ball can make a bowl is stupid. Bowls are supposed to be for the teams that have played a successful season. Winning half your games is not successful.

By putting in place this playoff, we will have much better football being played, because now there are several teams that have the chance to win a championship even if they haven’t been ranked number 1 in the biased polls. Also, a playoff would help end the “Boise State is sooo good” argument once and for all. God I hate their pretentious blue field.

Will the playoff hurt the 29 non-BCS bowls. Damn right it will, but those bowls are unnecessary. they’re like the crappy trophies you got in tee ball as a kid. It was a POS, but if you earned it, it was as good as gold. Now they’re giving them to every kid, and the trophies have gone back to meaning nothing. Just like the bowl games. Great, you won the Bell Helicopter’s Bowl. You still suck ass, and now end the season with 7 wins. Congratualtions, here’s your crappy trophy.

A playoff would put some legitimacy into the championship title. Hell, there have been like 42 “champions” in the last 5 years because no one can unanimously agree who the best team in the country is. Playoffs would make that happen. There would still be the bowl games for all the loser schools who don’t get into the top 8 teams, and they might lose some viewership, but they’ll still have the fans of the two teams support their guys. And for many of them, that’s really all they have now.