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The Obligatory "Let’s Go Pens!" Post

May 9, 2008

As some of you know, your humble editor here at The North End Zone is a die-hard Pittsburgh Penguins fan. Contrast that with your humble guy that never posts anything DiP, who is a “meh” Flyers fan. Well, it seems as though our teams are about to do battle atop the mountain that is the NHL’s Eastern Conference. So here’s my list of reasons why the Penguins will be the Flyers. (If DiP wants to respond, he’ll have to figure out how to post first.)

1. Music – Pittsburgh has rock stars like Donnie Iris and Charlie Daniels sing about the city. Philly has pretty boys (boyz?) Boyz II Men singing “Motown Philly”. Yeesh.

2. Movies – Pittsburgh has Sudden Death. Really, there’s nothing more that needs to be said.

3. # of statues of fictional sports heroes: Pittsburgh – 0, Philly – 1. We prefer ours to be real.

4. Other sports teams in the city – too easy
5. Colors – Black and Gold trumps all. Everywhere. And the Penguins made a slight alteration in the gold to make is MORE badass. (Reports that the cloth Mary gave to Jesus was actually a Terrible Towel could not be confirmed.)
6. Years Andy Van Slyke was in town: Pittsburgh – 8, Philly – 1.

7. Television – Pittsburgh has Mr. Rogers. That’s right: Mr.-freaking-Rogers. Philly? They have the opening song in the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. You know, the show about a city so rampant in crime that a rapper had to move away. (I would like a chicken sandwhich, to go. Anyone? Anyone?)
8. Food – Our staple (Primanti’s) isn’t overrated.
9. # of Pensblogs dedicated to your team: Pittsburgh – 1, Philly – 0. Seriously, if you are not reading this site you are missing out.
10. Billy Tibbetts once punched an opposing player on the bench. Roberts, Laraque, and Gill think he’s a pansy.

There you go. 10 clearly solid reasons why Pittsburgh will win this series. Not much more to say but…