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Hokies win, but no reason to celebrate

September 29, 2007

UNC wins the toss, gets the ball first, and they are immediately shut down as the Hokies force them into a three and out (typical Virginia Tech defense). The Hokies get the ball, and amazingly, we run a reverse to Royal on the first play which results in a 50 yard run. A few plays later Tyrod breaks two tackles and dances his way into the end zone for a quick 7-0 lead. The offensive line was creating holes, Ore was hitting them, and Tyrod was being, well…Tyrod. It appeared that the Hokies were in for a huge day.

Not. So. Fast.

If it weren’t for the defense and special teams, this Hokie squad would have lost to a then 1-3 UNC team, at home, during homecoming – pretty depressing, huh?

So, with out wasting too much of your time, here is a list of positives and negatives. We will start with the positives:

1) Ore finally found a groove and showed a little bit of burst that he had last year. 93 yards and 6 points is a starting point, so let’s see if he can build on it. A little tidbit – he tweaked his hammy today, which is a bit of a concern, especially since he has been playing hurt all season.

2) Cam Martin is a PLAYER. He played like his life depended on it, racking up 10 tackles, which included 3 SOLO sacks. Oh yeah, talk about a BS personal foul call on him…how could he stop from hitting the QB? HE WAS IN MID AIR!!

3) 9-11. ENOUGH SAID. This dynamic duo was ALL over the field, especially Mr. Adibi. Combined, they had a lot more than 20 tackles…simply amazing.

4) Dunlevy and Bowden are very special. Did anyone else notice that Dunlevy – who hit a 52 yarder – could have hit that FG from 55? Bowden netted a 43 yard average per punt, which INCLUDED his first real shank of the season. I think we are all set with special teams.

5) Brandon Holland. Anyone else think we should start him on the line? Man, on our runs, he was 10 yards down field all the time! It’s time to think about putting him in there for Mr. Dick Graham.

6) Tyrod. His passing was not exactly great today, but he put the ball in some good spots, and boy can he move around the pocket. His 5 yard TD run was VERY special.

7) Sean Glennon. Yes, he played ONE down, but that throw he had was VERY important. He got us enough yards to put us in FG range, and if Morgan had run vertical instead of horizontal when he caught the ball, the Hokies would have gotten a first down. Good job to him for coming in with no warm up throws, scrambling, and getting some yards.

Feel free to chime in with a few more, as I know there are plenty, but I don’t want to waste your time…so, onto the negatives, which is definitely not a comprehensive list.

1) Our offense is still anemic, but did we expect anything more? We certainly showed flashes of potential with our first two drives, but after that, we had nothing. Take this into consideration – we were OUTGAINED by UNC in offense, which is just pathetic, especially since we were playing our homecoming game in Lane and UNC has a very poor defense that gives up nearly 400 yards a game – we managed 243.

2) Personal fouls. This has got to stop. Beamer needs to think about benching players – depending on the seriousness of the foul – as it appears fines and early morning sprints just aren’t getting it done.

3) Dropping passes. Unreal. How many of those are we going to have this year? It simply should not happen, especially in important situations (see Josh Morgan on a crucial 3rd down in the 4th quarter).

4) Our tight ends have disappeared completely. Seriously, we have GREAT talent there, so why not use them? Our WRs certainly aren’t getting the job done, so let’s use them every now and again.

5) Not getting the ball into the hands of our playmakers. We have Royal, Morgan, Ore, Wheeler, and even KLJ, but what do we do with them? Nothing. We should all feel bad for those kids, especially Royal and Morgan because if they were on any other team, they would most likely have huge seasons.

6) TIME OF POSSESSION. OK, so we aren’t out of the top 100 in this category…yet. That will change after this week. We did a horrible job with this and if we keep this up, we are going to get beat up pretty badly against better teams. We have way too many three and outs. Anyone remember the days where we ALWAYS won the TOP?

7) Relying on our defense. This goes hand in hand with point number 6. We have done it in the past, but not NEARLY this much. We simply need to cut this out or else they will tire. We all got a glimpse of that today because in the 4th quarter, our defense looked to be on its last breath. Good thing the game wasn’t 10 minutes longer or we really would have lost. If we keep relying on our defense all season, we WILL lose a lot of games.

So, I apologize for the longer post, but a fair amount needed to be said. I still think we go down and beat Klempson, then take care of Duke, but if those negatives don’t become positives (or at least get somewhat better), our streak of bowl games may come to an end.