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VT vs. A Tribe Called I-AA

September 21, 2007

CAN YOU FEEEEEL IT?!?!? Its our annual beatdown of a Virginia I-AA school. Wooooo. So why go down to the game, you ask? Because we can. This will be the first game (hopefully) in which we are not dissappointed. Seriously, 7-7 at the half against Ohio just won’t cut it.

So here’s some predictions:

CGally: 38 – 6
BBull: 42 – 10
DiP: 45 – 7
Steve: 38 – 7
Tim (Rocketman): 41 – 14
Bdubs (mmm.. wings..): 52 – 10
Lady Gally: 31 – 7
Hamburglar: Ketchup – Pickles

Congrats to BBull on his victory last week. He guessed the 28 – 7 finish exactly. He gets to drink this Saturday. He also made a bold prediction this week:

Bull: I have to admit though… i think we’re going to win this one
Gally: whoa, Brandon getting ballzy
Bull: they don’t call me bbull for nothing

Other predictions for this weekend:

Steelers go to 3-0 (holla!)

The weekend will be AWESOME.

ND goes 0-4 and I enjoy it.

That’s pretty much it. See everyone in the ‘Burg!!