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Gobbler Country Roundtable: Question #1

April 1, 2009

The Gobbler over at Gobbler Country asked us to participate in a little Springtime Hokie roundtable discussion. We obviously obliged, seeing how we are the premium experts on all things Virginia Tech.

Five questions were submitted. The Northerner and your humble editor went back and forth in our usual “we kind of hate each other” style. Enjoy.

Also, any additional questions may be submitted, and we will tackle them with the force of a thousand Vince Hall’s.


Question #1: “Are we really going to be that good next year? I just don’t see us being a top 10 team given last season’s offensive output. Tell me that we’re overhauling the offense, or we’re adding new packages. Give me some hope.”

C Gally: If by “overhaul” you mean same shit we’ve always done, then get excited.

That said, we are still going to be the best thing on the block next year, even with a stagnant offense. Hell, we finished in the top 15 last year with a tougher schedule and playing with scrubs on offense. If there was any year that we were going to make a run at the top 5, it’s this year.

The N: The only “overhauling” that will be done on offense is that Tyrod will be the only one with the ball getting snapped to him. We have finally gotten rid of Glennon and will put all our faith in Taylor. Stiney will still love the draw play, and will be calling the same shit as usual.

Though, I disagree with CGally in that I don’t think we have any breakout stars that will give us the national attention to make it to the top 5. I think we will hover around the 8 slot in the rankings at our best and make it to the ACC Championship again.

It should be noted that this scenario is possible mainly because all the other teams without a coach were too stupid to get Foster and/or Frankie Beams made a few “home visits”, and not to recruit high schoolers, if you know what I mean.

C Gally: The last time we went from having two quarterbacks to just one, we went 10-2, won the ACC, and lost by 3 to an undefeated Auburn team in the Sugar Bowl. This time won’t involve weed, underage girls, or traffic violations, but I think the mindset is still the same.

I don’t know that we will be a top 5 team. I just think that this year is going to be our best shot in a while.

And no, I don’t know what you mean. Are you implying that Foster only stayed because Beamer gave him sexual favors?

The N: That sounds about right, but we also had some depth at our receiving corps and had some running backs. We lost a lot of good players since then, and I’m concerned we haven’t refueled our tanks, so to speak.

And no, I didn’t mean sexual favors, so get your mind out of the gutter. I meant that Beamer went to the respective schools without coaches and threatened to beat the ever-loving shit out of them if they took Foster from him.

C Gally: Ah, racked a few knuckles. I got ya.

Yes, we are a little thin. But if we were deeper at those positions, would our success on offense change? I’m doubtful. See: Royal, Eddie

The N: One player wouldn’t really make a significant change, unless we re-recruited Randy Moss or something, but if we had two or three deep threats, then we would have the deep ball and the running quarterback that would keep defenses on their toes. But then again we would have Stinespring still, and that would let the defense relax again.

C Gally: “But then again we would have Stinespring still, and that would let the defense relax again.” We probably could have started with that sentence and skipped everything else we’ve said.

The N: Sadly, agreed.

Who’s going to post these bad boys and how are we going to do it?

C Gally: I can put them up, maybe one or two a day.

The N: Okie dokie artichokie

C Gally: That’s going in the post as well.

The N: I figured.