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It’s over, it’s all over!

May 28, 2009

Archie has proposed to Veronica! After 67 years of having his cake and eating it too, Archie has decided to man up like the rest of us and pick from the two girls he was dating… I mean, propose to the love of our life. Yeah, that’s it.

In comic issue #600, Archie drops on his knee to give Veronica a big rock with Betty and Jug Head watching outside in shock. Why the dark haired vixen over the blonde hottie next door? You’ll have to read the issue to find out. And let me know what happens if you do, because I don’t even know where you can get these things anymore.

Poor Betty, always playing second fiddle. I’m sure Jug Head and Reggie will make her feel better. Perhaps at the same time? I doubt Betty is that kind of girl, but after 67 years of dating one guy, who knows, maybe she’s due for a bit of a wild streak.