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Why didn’t we recruit this guy

March 17, 2009

He may not be the greatest basketball player in college and he may not be the tallest, but he has the greatest name in college sports, as voted by Sports Illustrated. Chief Kickingstallionsims is the 7-1 center on Alabama State University and he has done something that we could not this year. Make it to the NCAA Tourney. Granted he still has the play-in game tonight (Editor’s note: vote for our TV theme madness play-in round here), but at least his NCAA Tourney hopes are still alive, and we’re filling out NIT brackets (do it).

Seriously though, how many jerseys would have been sold with this guys name on the back. I don’t like basketball, look even whiter than thought possible, and my arms look feminine in a basketball jersey, and I still would have bought one.

Guy looks pretty badass in a bandanna, too. Not many people can actually pull that off.