The Spectacular, The Horrific, and the F-Ugly: Week 1

This week we are starting a new series of posts. It is the spectacular, the horrific, and the F-ugly. It will be a weekly post about the Sunday that was in the NFL.

The Spectacular:

Drew Brees edges out Adrian Peterson this week. Brees had 358 passing yards with 6 touchdowns yesterday against Detroit. New Orleans doesn’t need defensive help if Brees is giving the team 45 points. By the way where is Reggie Bush? Will he ever help in the running game? If he can ever figure it out, that offense might be unstoppable.

The Horrific:

Jake Delhomme beats out Jay Cutler in the battle of 4 pick quarterbacks. Delhomme gets the honor this week because it only took him 3 quarters to throw the 4 picks before being pulled. If Delhomme had another 20 minutes of action that number might be 7 maybe even double digits. So, In Delhomme’s past 101 minutes of action he has thrown 9 interceptions. That is 1 every 11 minutes. In an entire season that would compute out to 87 interceptions. That might be more picks than the Rams will score points this year.

The F-Ugly:

The Bengals secondary are hands down the F-ugliest this week. With 11 seconds left in the game Kyle Orton throws a poor ball to Brandon Marshall that is tipped. Brandon Stokely was in the right spot at the right time and got the tip and ran another 50 yards for the score. But, how was Stokely the last man between the ball and the end zone? Shouldn’t there have been some sort of elaborate prevent to make sure there was always one defender as a safety value? This is why they are the Bungles.  

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