No Madden, no needless Brett Favre talk, what’s going on?

So since John Madden is gone, the Sunday Night football team needs a new go to boy to replace douchebag extraordinaire Brett Favre(the older Tony Romo). If Collinsworth had his way it would be Troy Polamalu. Chris got speechless after the interception (it was pretty though).  

Michaels certainly enjoyed some classic Roethlisberger all night. Though classic Ben seemed to be running backwards getting sacked or throwing picks to former Hokies (Vinny Fuller).

Other guys that might receive some announcer love:

Ray Lewis: He killed a guy.
Carson Palmer: The best quarterback to never actually play.
The Manning Brothers: The best Brothers since The Parkers.
Michael Vick: The man you love to hate but you must not hate.
Tony Dungy: He still coaches right, he’s the QB coach for the Eagles, no?
Matt Ryan: He is dreamy(no homo).
Tony Romo: He’s the young Brett Favre.

This is just a few more people that Sunday Night Football might choose to hang their hate on. Personally, I hope they just talk about John Madden more.


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