This makes me feel a little better

Now as we approach the second weekend of college football, certain things are being released from last weekend that expose how tightly wound the fans of major teams get at the start of the season. This is one of them.

Damn. And I mean damn. I’ve yelled at my fair share of TV screens before, but never even anything close to this. Damn. I can only imagine this was at the point where we were winning, because if he was this upset and they were winning then he better get an emergency defibrillator installed in his house because he’s not making it through the entire season without his heart popping like a balloon. Few things to note here:

1. Due to his thick southern accent, this rant sounds kind of polite and less harsh despite all the cursing.

2. How awkward must he be around his friends now that Alabama ended up winning?

3. How awkward must he be around the girl he called “slut” to her face?

4. Did he really think they could hear him threaten to come to Atlanta and blow their head off?

5. Overall, I didn’t think the refereeing was that bad. Was he watching a different game or something?

Let’s hope Marshall fans are a bit more demure than this guy.

5 Responses to “This makes me feel a little better”

  1. Mo Gal Says:

    When you haven't been to a bowl game in 5 years, you have no choice but to be demure.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    definitely heard him say "poor little n*****, he got knocked down!" in that i-don't-really-give-a-shit tone of voice. what a redneck cockbite

  3. The Northerner Says:

    I missed that one. Let's hope this guy is an outlier of the average Alabama fan.

  4. The Miz Says:

    Gotta love a guy throwin' out N-Bombs at his favorite team…all while wearing that sweet visor.

  5. STLBama Says:

    As an Alabama alumnus and passionate fan I can tell you that this kind of rant isn't unheard of. However, the use of the n-word is completely unacceptable, flat out wrong, and not something I saw much of while in school. If you'd like to see/read more from others of my kind and their reactions, simply click on the link below.

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