Weekend recap

What a rainy weekend. Just a great way to start the end end of summer. Stuck in the house with the backyard flooding. Awesome.

1. The Yankees took two of three from the Red Sox in what was a shitshow of pitching all around. First game 20-11, second game 14-1, third game 8-4. Somehow Junichi Tazawa came out as the best pitcher for either team in the series.

2. In John Smoltz’s glorious return to the National League, he won his debut with the Cards. He gave up no runs and struck out 9. You have got to be fucking kidding me Smoltz. There isn’t that much of a difference between the two leagues. It’s not a switch. You can’t just turn it on or off. You miserable bitch.

3. Eric Bruntlett ended the Mets/Phillies game with the second ever game-ending unassisted triple play. Basically what happened was Castillo was on second, Murphy on first and Francoeur at bat. Francoeur hit a line drive to Bruntlett who was standing near second. Bruntlett caught it, touched second to get Castillo out, then tagged Murphy who was attempting to steal second on that pitch. Boom, unassisted triple play. Much like how last year CGally reacted to a bunted foul third strike to end a Pirates game, this just summed up the Mets season. PS – the Mets are pathetic.

4. Preseason football was still going on. Preseason football accomplishes two tasks: to get everyone in the mood for football season and for guys to show off their new HD tvs. Bing and Go.

5. Hokie football season starts in t-minus 12 days. Get ready.

One Response to “Weekend recap”

  1. ebj Says:

    ummm, the NL is far inferior, save Philly and LA who are like AL teams. The rest are like the wOes and royals.

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