Weekend recap

I got shivers last night. I turned on the TV to NBC and saw something magical. More on that later.

1. Tiger Woods won his 70th tournament. He’s now won two since not making the cut at his last major. I think he’s pissed now.

2. Let’s get this over with. The Red Sox played like shit and the pitching was horrendous. Save for the second game where Beckett pitched, and Lester did all right, not great. But the Yankees swept the Sox and now put the Sox back a lot of games and tied with the Rangers… and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

3. My level of upset-ness was dropped a few notches when I turned on the television last night to see FOOTBALL BEING PLAYED! Completely forgot this was the HOF game weekend and the start of preseason football. My body quivered with anticipation as I watched about ten minutes of the Titans smacking around the Bills. What? It was the Titans and the Bills! Ten minutes is a big investment.

4. The Red Sox designated Smoltz for assignment on Friday after his shitshow of a pitching performance on Thursday. Finally. I mean this guy was once good. Not in the AL East apparently. Glad to see we have to lose eight fucking games to figure that out.

5. In honor of the football season getting on its feet again, here is the salary crunch thing from ESPN again, now with Eli Manning’s new salary! Get your bottle of scotch ready, boys!

That’s all I’ve got for you now. Look forward to ACC Coastal teams in this weeks lineup of HateFest 2009.


One Response to “Weekend recap”

  1. ebj Says:

    the sox pitching wasn't awful, save smoltz and bard last night. lester pitched well, better than pettite.

    only got 2 guys hitting, that's the concern. if not for victor, who posed a bit too long the sox would be in huge trouble. still don't have a cleanup hitter. got 2 3 hole hitters and a no. 5 guy but no true big bat to anchor them.

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